Technology – 26 September 2012

IBM takes the stealthy route to cloud success

Written by Jack Clark, Published on ZD Net.

What’s better than one big brand-name cloud? 1,000 smaller ones all running on your technology — or so IBM thinks. If there’s any company that can pull this strategy off, it’s IBM.

Google says Maps not waiting in wings for iPhone 5

Written by Kevin Krolicki, Published on Reuters.

Google Inc has made no move to provide Google Maps for the iPhone 5 after Apple Inc dropped the application in favor of a home-grown but controversial alternative, Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said.

Barnes & Noble to introduce Nook Video service

Published on WSJ.

Barnes & Noble Inc. says it will launch a video service this fall that lets users buy and watch movies and TV shows on their mobile devices and televisions.

Self-driving cars now legal in California

Written by Joe Borlik, Published on My Fox 8.

California is the latest state to allow testing of Google’s self-driving cars on the roads, though only with a human passenger along as a safety measure.

Cisco acquires location data analysis firm ThinkSmart Technologies

Written by Rachel King, Published on ZD Net.

Cisco is zeroing on its mobile strategy with the acquisition of location data analysis startup ThinkSmart.

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