Technology – 5 December 2012

iTunes Gets an Upgrade Without Missing a Beat

Published on WSJ

Now, Apple has given iTunes its biggest overhaul since 2003, when the software—originally just a jukebox for Macs—was made available for Windows computers and the built-in iTunes store was added.

Nokia Lumia 620 revealed, taking Windows Phone 8 to the budget market

Written by Ben Woods, Published on ZD Net

Nokia has announced a new handset for the lower end of its Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices, the Lumia 620, which will start shipping in some countries from January 2013.

Yahoo acquires video chat start-up OnTheAir

Written by John Ribeiro, Published on PC World

Yahoo has acquired a video chat start-up OnTheAir as the company focuses on mobile applications and services.

Tumblr falls victim to Internet trolls

Written by Adrian Covert, Published on CNN Money

In yet another incident illustrating that no one is safe from hackers, trolls and script kiddies, Tumblr fell victim to a security exploit Monday morning.

Time Warner Cable charges for modem use

Written by Corinne Jurney, Published on Daily Tar Heel

A new Time Warner Cable cable modem fee is sparking outrage among some of its customers.

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