Technology – 3 December 2012

UN conference overwhelmed by Internet regulations battle

Written by Charlie Osborne, Published on CNet

Opening today in Dubai, a U.N. conference will become the battle ground for opposing sides to argue over new Internet regulation proposals — Google joins the fray.

Judge rules Motorola can’t seek injunctions against the Xbox 360 in patent row

Written by Shane McGlaun, Published on Slash Gear

Motorola’s case against Microsoft has been handed a significant blow with a federal judge in Seattle ruling that Motorola can’t use certain patents to seek an injunction against the Microsoft Xbox 360 game console.

HTC confirms the Windows Phone 8S will not be coming to the US

Written by Brad Molen, Published on Engadget

The HTC Windows Phone 8S was announced as a lower-end alternative to its bigger brother, the flagship Windows Phone 8X, but the company has remained relatively quiet about it since.

Facebook Powerball hoaxer is software engineer, report says

Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Published on CNet

The man who persuaded more than 2 million people to share his photo of a fake winning Powerball ticket is reportedly the co-owner of an Arizona-based medical software company.

Google snaps up Waterloo startup BufferBox

Written by Matt Hartley, Published on FP Tech Desk

Parcel pickup kiosk operator BufferBox Inc. is moving on up to Google Inc., quite literally, after being acquired by the huge tech firm.

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