Technology – 26 February 2013

LG Buys WebOS from HP for Smart TVs

Written by Sascha Segan, Published on PC Magazine

LG bought the webOS operating system from HP today, and intends to build it into TVs, commercial displays, and potentially cars – but not tablets or phones, LG and HP spokespeople said here at Mobile World Congress.

Copyright Alert System gets started, ISPs ready to lay the smack down on P2P piracy

Written by Mark Hearn, Published on Engadget

The fight against online piracy just gained a new weapon in the form of the Copyright Alert System (CAS) aka the “six strikes” policy. Starting today, participating ISPs like Verizon, Time Warner Cable, AT&T and Comcast will begin issuing warnings to customers suspected of using illegal peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing services that violate copyright laws.

Samsung Makes Play Against Apple, Blackberry With Knox

Written by Nigam Arora, Published on Forbes

In a major strategic move, Samsung has announced an end-to-end security solution for mobile devices for the enterprise.  The solution is appropriately named KNOX.  KNOX appears to be the Fort Knox of mobile security in an enterprise

LG Wireless Ultra HD Transmission hands-on: quick as a whip!

Written by Chris Burns, Published on Slash Gear

This week we’ve had the opportunity to take a peek at – and play with – LG’s brand new Wireless Ultra HD Transmission technology – the world’s first! Of course such claims are a always a bit subjective, but from what we’ve experienced here, they’re not kidding around with this technology being mightily impressive. opens up ‘freemium’ model

Written by Michael Lee, Published on ZD Net

Charging users to participate in its social network has meant that doesn’t serve ads and won’t have to sell user details. But it has now opened up a free tier, meaning almost anyone can join.

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