Technology – 20 May 2013

Jolla announces first Sailfish-based smartphone

Written by Mikael Ricknäs, Published on PC World

Finnish startup Jolla has announced its first smartphone, which shows off its Sailfish OS on a 4.5-inch screen.

Surface Pro pricing and launch date revealed for Switzerland, Italy

Written by Jo Best, Published on ZD Net

Two more countries have announced when and where Microsoft’s latest tablet will go on sale, and how much it will cost.

5 major changes coming for Android developers

Written by Jill Duffy, Published on IT Pro Portal

he Google I/O conference was held last week, and Android app developers saw a lot of new features, plus they got advice directly from Google about how to run their businesses better. Is A Mobile-First Music Streaming Service That’s Playing To A Different Tune

Written by Steve O’Hear, Published on Tech Crunch

The news that Google has launched its own all-you-can-eat music steaming service, catchily named ‘Google Play Music All Access‘, didn’t come as a surprise.

KDDI’s HTC J One variant packs a microSD slot (updated)

Written by Jamie Rigg, Published on Engadget

These days, the presence of a microSD slot on new handsets is arguably more important than the amount of storage on the inside. One such slot found its way onto the Chinese variants of HTC’s One, and now Japanese network KDDI has unveiled its model — the HTC J One (aka HTL22).

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