Technology – 18 January 2013

Samsung upgrades its Galaxy tablets to Android Jelly Bean

Written by Daniel Ionescu, Published on PC World

Samsung is now updating its Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2 tablets with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and new stylus functions through Samsung Premium Suite.

‘I Have a Dream’ Posted in Defiance of Copyright for Internet Freedom Day

Written by Alex Fitzpatrick, Published on Mashable

As Friday marks one year since the Stop Online Piracy Act was shelved, some Internet activists are marking the date by declaring “Internet Freedom Day.”

Facebook’s Graph Search puts user privacy back in the spotlight

Written by  Eden Zoller, Published on The Guardian

After high profile rows over Instagram, Facebook is treading very carefully when it comes to privacy and its new search tool – but it will want to monetise in the future.

Facebook Messenger Adds Free WiFi Calls for iPhone Users: Report

Written by Todd R. Weiss, Published on eWeek

The Facebook Messenger App for iPhones now lets users make phone calls to other iPhone users for free using WiFi.

Hearst Magazines to Appear on iPad Before Print

Written by Adario Strange, Published on PC Magazine

The transition from print to digital has been a rocky road for many old-school publishers, but as consumers have warmed up to tablets, the leading magazines have gradually shifted their strategies to accommodate readers.

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