Technology – 16 January 2013

Meet Facebook’s Graph Search Tool

Written by Thomas Claburn, Published on Information Week

Facebook downplays Google as competitor as it launches “internal” search tool that helps you find people, photos, places and interests inside Facebook using established privacy settings.

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner turns 35mm film into digital pics

Written by Shane McGlaun, Published on Slash Gear

Odds are many people out there have old developed film from the old days of 35 mm photography lying around. If you ever wished that you could take those old photos from physical film and transfer them to digital, you will want to check out the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner.

Apple And Amazon Ordered To Talk Settlement In “App Store” Trademark Dispute

Written by Darrell Etherington, Published on Tech Crunch

Apple and Amazon are fighting over made up words, as you may well be aware. Apple takes issue with Amazon’s use of “Appstore,”.

Apple’s next 9.7″ iPad to be ‘significantly lighter and slimmer’

Written by Neil Hughes, Published on Apple Insider

Apple’s full-size iPad is set to shed some excess, with a thinner and lighter fifth-generation redesign expected to arrive this year.

Is Dell looking to kill PCs with “Project Ophelia”?

Written by Sean Gallagher, Published on ARS Technica

Dell is reportedly investigating a move to take the company private in a leveraged buy-out to clear the decks for a radical repositioning of the company. And according to a report from Atlantic Media’s Quartz, that includes relaunching Dell’s desktop and mobile business around a brand-new product: a computing device the size of a thumb-drive that will sell for about $50.

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