Technology – 15 June 2013

Google’s ambitious Internet balloons soar above New Zealand

Published on CBS News

Wrinkled and skinny at first, the translucent, jellyfish-shaped balloons that Google released this week from a frozen field in the heart of New Zealand’s South Island hardened into shiny pumpkins as they rose into the blue winter skies above Lake Tekapo, passing the first big test of a lofty goal to get the entire planet online.

Office Mobile for iPhone and Windows Phone have the exact same functionality (gallery)

Written by Matthew Miller, Published on ZD Net

Microsoft just released Office Mobile for the iPhone and after comparing it with what we see on Windows Phone, the capabilities are the same. There is no advantage going to Windows Phone in this case.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review

Written by Sandra Vogel, Published on ZD Net

The 8-inch Galaxy Note 8 is reasonably comfortable to hold one-handed in portrait mode to make jottings with its pressure-sensitive pen, and is a delight to use.

AT&T GoPhone Prepaid Getting Access to 4G LTE Network Next Week

Written by Michael Kwan, Published on Mobile Magazine

When it comes to the world cell phones, prepaid customers will almost always play second fiddle to the monthly plan customers in the eyes of the carriers, because the latter group is naturally far more lucrative.

Canadian Carriers To Offer LTE-Enabled iPads, iPhone 5 Nano-SIMs

Written by Joe White, Published by App Advice

In Canada, both Rogers Wireless and Telus are to offer the LTE-enabled iPad and iPad mini in the “coming weeks,” while Wind Mobile has started offering nano-SIM cards for AWS iPhone 5 handsets for $25.

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