Technology – 09 February 2013

Is there an iPad Pro in Apple’s future?

Written by Dan Farber, Published on CNET

Forrester predicts that 200 million workers will be lining up for a Windows tablet. Apple may want to take a bite out of that market with an iPad “Pro.”

Twitter unveils Lolcatz language, makes it available naow

Written by Brittany Hillen, Published on Slash Gear

Facebook has had a pirate language option for some time now, allowing users to view their profile with ample quantities of arrr! and plunderin’

iPhone users, U.K. carrier report bugs after iOS 6.1 upgrade

Written by Eric Mack, Published on CNET

If you haven’t yet, you might want to hold off on upgrading your iPhone to iOS 6.1 for a bit.

Microsoft’s SkyDrive now stores 1B documents

Written by Lucas Mearian, Published on Computer World

Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service now has one billion Office documents stored in it, the company announced today.

New BlackBerry Will Definitely Not Be Big in Japan

Written by IAN AUSTEN, Published on Bits

Although Japanese consumers are among the world’s most voracious consumers of smartphones, BlackBerry said on Thursday that they won’t be getting its new line of phones.

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