Technology – 08 March 2013

FTC nails 29 spammers who sent over 180m texts promising freebies

Written by Matthew DeCarlo, Published on Tech Spot

The US Federal Trade Commission has charged 29 individuals who allegedly sent millions of spam text messages to phone users promising “free” prizes.

Preview: Hands-on with ‘BioShock Infinite’

Written by Brett Molina, Published on USA Today

The first view video game players get of the sky city of Columbia is probably the last place they might expect: inside a one-man capsule rocketing toward the clouds.

Amazon suspends sales of SimCity video game

Published on BBC News

Ongoing problems with the latest version of SimCity led Amazon to briefly stop selling the game.

Google AXES another 1,200 employees from Motorola workforce

Published on The Register

Google is cutting loose another 10 per cent of its Motorola Mobility workforce – which means 1,200 employees at the smartphone maker face redundancy.

Facebook’s New Look Pays Homage To Google+

Written by Thomas Claburn, Published on Information Week

Facebook’s redesigned News Feed reminds many of Google+. For users, the revamp provides more control — and some changes on the ad front.

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