Technology – 07 May 2013

Viber Messaging App Arrives on the Desktop

Written by Stephanie Mlot, Published on PC Magazine

Messaging service Viber today made the leap from smartphone to desktop.

Nokia confirms new hero device, the Lumia 928, with a teaser

Written by Liam Tung, Published on ZD Net

Not so long ago, Nokia said a new ‘hero’ device was lined up for a second-quarter release in the US. Today, it confirmed the launch of the rumoured Lumia 928.

Adobe ventures into hardware with Mighty stylus and ruler

Written by Liam Tung, Published on ZD Net

Adobe is experimenting with a new line of hardware: a slick set of tools that would give the pen, ruler and protractor a place on touchscreen devices.

Intel’s Latest “Silvermont” Platform To Offer 3 Times Performance at 1/5th the Power

Written by Madhav Rao, Published on Highlight Press

Intel has been the leader in computer processing platforms over the years, and has only recently made a foray into the mobile processing space.

New Sony Fit laptops all offer touchscreens

Published on PC World

As Sony announces its new VAIO Fit line of consumer laptops, it’s leading a charge—a necessary one—into the world of touch. Touchscreens will be available across the entire product line, and standard on some models.

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