Technology – 06 February 2013

Will Michael Dell become the Marlboro man of the PC age?

Written by Tim Worstall, Published on The Register

The mooted Dell takeover, the one to take it private again, is now happening. The big question is why?

Amateur effort finds new largest prime number

Written by Stephen Shankland, Published on CNET

A Missouri professor, one of a team of nearly 100,000 volunteers, has found a highly unusual 17-million digit number — and brought a prime-hunting project closer to a $150,000 prize.

Federal Reserve confirms hack attack led to data leak

Published on BBC News

The US’s central bank has confirmed information was stolen from its servers during a hack attack.

Twitter’s Vine banned for under 17s after porn scare

Written by Dave Neal, Published on The Inquirer

JUMP-CUT SIX SECOND VIDEO OUTFIT Vine has changed the usage terms for its service, prohibiting those under 17 years of age from using it.

Sources claim Apple may lose iPhone trademark in Brazil

Written by Shane McGlaun, Published on Slash Gear

We mentioned in December of 2012 that a Brazilian company had launched an Android-powered smart phone called the iPhone.

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