Technology – 02 January 2013

Apple to move A6X production from Samsung to TSMC — report

Writtn by Don Reisinger, Published on CNET

The company is reportedly looking to initiate trial production of the A6X processor during the first quarter of this year.

What’s THAT, you say? Apple MIGHT be making a NEW iPHONE, iOS?

Written by Bill Ray, Published on The Register

Apple is now testing the next version of its iPhone and accompanying software, according to developers or anyone with an ounce of common sense

Netflix DVD website experiences problems

Written by John Ribeiro, Published on PC World

Netflix, which faced an interruption of its video streaming service on Christmas Eve, had problems again on Monday related to its DVD website.

Google Glass “in flux”: Battery, cloud apps & controls still work-in-progress

Written by Chris Davies, Published on Slash Gear

Google’s Project Glass is still on track to arrive with developers “early this year,” project lead Babak Parviz insists, with the wearable computer still undergoing work to refine the hardware, boost battery life, and develop compelling apps.

LG to ship the first large screen OLED HDTV next month

Published on NBC News

Missing a 2012 delivery date, LG announced on Tuesday that it will release the first 55-Inch OLED HDTVs in Korea in early February 2013, after a year of delays due to reported production problems.

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