Business – 03 February 2013

UMich consumer sentiment rises in January

Written by Ruth Mantell, Published on Market Watch

The University of Michigan-Thomson Reuters consumer-sentiment gauge rose to final January reading of 73.8 from 72.9 in December, reports said Friday.

Dutch bank rescue shows Europe’s problems continue

Written by Mark Thompson, Published on CNN Money

Nationalization of a Dutch bank Friday provided a stark reminder that Europe is still struggling to shake off the legacy of the financial crisis and find a way to let banks fail without loading up governments with debt.

Argentina Is First Nation Censured by IMF on Economic Data

Written by Sandrine Rastello and Ian Katz, Published on Bloomberg Business Week

Argentina became the first country to be censured by the International Monetary Fund for not providing accurate data on inflation and economic growth under a procedure that can end in expulsion.

Ports, longshoremen avert strike

Published on WSJ

Port operators along the East Coast have reached a tentative deal on a new contract with the union for longshoremen, averting a possible strike that would have crippled operations at 15 ports, according to a federal mediator.

Chula Vista says goodbye to a ’50s-era power plant

Written by Tony Perry, Published on Los Angeles Times

A flock of birds flew away, as if the avians knew something big was coming. Misty geysers of water were sprayed into the air, to keep down the dust.

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